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2016 to date -

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I'm undertaking a growing project in a few locations simultaneously, called If you tell me where I am, I wont be lost. It involves red flags, text in translation, and travel. The exhibitions will include the screenprinted flags as well as photos of itself in each city. The installation includes travel drawings from my research of the locations - vicarious Google map searches and Street View walking tours. Click on the images link to see them for yourself.

I'm very happy to see this work traveling with Global Village - to Holland, Germany and Denmark.

The same project was exhibited in Macedonia with Paratissima Skopje, where it was voted among the ten best, and will travel onwards for further exhibtion in Torino, Italy, .

I will be continuing this project, searching for locations in the Portuguese-speaking world and eventually, beyond. Please contact me for any further information on the project - use the contacts link above.